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Unlocking Funding Opportunities, Fostering Innovation

Unlocking Funding Opportunities, Fostering Innovation

Q Development AG is revolutionizing the crypto grant landscape by introducing an investment-matching program tailored to projects seeking funding and professional investors. As of its launch, 25mn USD are already allocated for potential ecosystem investments.

True to the spirit of Web3, the Q Ecosystem Fund is set up as a collaborative platform: Professional investors can support Q Ecosystem projects in all stages of development via their respective funds. Qualifying investments are then matched in Q tokens by Q Development AG. Flexible structuring options ensure that capital is deployed in an optimal way with the goal of fostering sustainable growth of the Q ecosystem.


Benefits for investors

Unlock a co-investment equivalent to 5-10x your average ticket size.

Get access to exciting projects at the cutting edge of crypto.

Benefit from flexible deployment options that fit your needs and investment style.

Benefits for projects seeking funding

Obtain funding for your project in the Q ecosystem at transparent terms.

Benefit from support by best-in-class investors.

Become part of a thriving and highly supportive ecosystem.

Why Are We Doing This?

A robust financial support system is paramount to foster innovation in bootstrap web3 ecosystems. Traditional grant models in the crypto space have faced challenges and have not lived up to expectations. Distributing "free money" has created a precedent for potential fund misuse. Grant hunters, attracted by the lure of tokens, often lacked a genuine commitment to the long-term development of the ecosystem. This has led to a dilution of the grant impact and a diversion of resources away from projects with a true dedication to fostering the Web3 ecosystem.

By partnering with professional investors, Q Development AG aims to avoid the pitfalls of direct token grants, while providing the highest level of value-add to projects that build on Q or use Q's governance features.

How Does It Work?

Matching Investments with Q Tokens

Q Development AG matches the investment of investment partners with Q tokens, adding a substantial layer of support. This mechanism boosts the investment impact and amplifies the growth potential of projects building with Q.

Investment Scale

Professional investors can obtain matching funds of up to ten times their average ticket size.

Equity Possibilities

Investors retain full discretion of their use of Q token. Q Development AG exercises no influence of how Q tokens are used.

Strategic Collaboration

Funded projects must either be deployed on the Q Blockchain utilize Q governance services to integrated applications solutions.

Profit Agnostic Approach

Q Development does not have a profit motive in supporting investors and projects building with Q.

Application Process

Requirements for Investors

Proven investments in web3 projects in the last 3 years.

Purchase an average ticket amount of Q tokens with a 3-year lock-up.

Application Process

Requirements for Projects seeking Funding

Build on Q or use Q's governance features, or intend to do so.

Successful passing of due diligence process conducted by investors.

Application Process

How to apply?

For investors

Tell us about your experience and track record in Web3

For projects seeking funding

Tell us your story - what you are building and why you are building on Q

Have any questions?